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Fashion Modeling
Height: 5′9ʺ / 175cm Bust: 32" Cup: D Dress: 38 Hips: 32" Born: 1986

Tove is a professional model based in Oslo, Norway. She speaks Norwegian & English. She is available for commercial assignments internationally.


Tove Lill grew up in a close-knit family of five in a small town in South Norway complete with the “midnight sun” (it was essentially dark 24 hours a day for three months each year). She was raised with, and maintains, her families’ sensibilities to appreciate discipline, hard work and community. Tove Lill has always been a determinated woman, and she will do anything she puts her mind into. She started working as a model when she was 20 years old. She was in Miss Norway finale at the age of 21, and she now travels around the world as Miss Norway participating in international beauty pageants. But there is more to Tove Lill then just beauty. She is a straight A student, and have been studying Political Science at the University, and this year she's finishing her studies in Market Economy. Tove Lill is also very engaged in politics and society. Libertarian at heart, she's working in the Progress Party.

Magazine Work

Playboy Slovenia- Playmate FHM Norway- Cover, spread FHM Latvia- Spread
FHM Slovenia- Spread FHM Spain- Spread Dagbladet Fredag
FHM Norway- Cover, spread Slitz- Cover, Spread Playboy US
FHM Norway- Cover, spread Menn er Menn- Cover, spread FHM Norway- Cover, spread
Vi Menn- Cover, spread Gatebil- Cover, spread FHM Norway- Cover, spread
Dagbladet Fredag- Cover, spread Vi Menn- Cover, spread Gatebil- Cover, spread
Se og Hør Her og Nå

TV and Movie

TV 2- God kveld Norge Griffin show Wipeout
TV 2 Fredag, Interview with Ståle Talsnes Tomme Tønner TV Norge : Spotlight
Extrabladet- Interview DDR- Musicvideo Gullfisken- Perfomance with DDR
TV 2- Absolutt underholdning Niim the dream- Musicvideo TV Sør- Interview

Commersial / Spokemodel

Billabong O’neil Makeup Art Cola Zero

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